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Analytics-Powered Solutions That Make Your Benefits Plan Stronger

Benefits Without the Doubt

Connecting You With Clear Solutions

With more than two decades of experience working closely with the largest benefit plans in the country, our goal has always been to make connections, providing clarity, understanding and direction within an industry in which confusion is the norm. We don’t give the benefit of the doubt; we ensure the best benefits, without a doubt.

How much is your organization truly benefitting from your benefit plan?

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Who Benefits From Cubic?

Cubic Is Independent

At Cubic, we seek truth and connectivity. As a wholly independent, analytics-driven solution provider, we shine a light on the issues that affect benefit plans, building sustainable programs for organizations and members alike.

Who We Support

With years of experience in the industry, our programs are custom designed to help medium to large sized employer plans, multi-employer plans, and benefit trusts. Utilizing proprietary algorithms and a data-first approach, we identify what’s working and what isn’t for both your plan and your members. Simply put, we find what would otherwise be missed and make it work for you.

3 Step Approach

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Benefit Plan Analysis & Optimization

With our industry-leading plan performance and predictive analytics, our team assesses and interprets your plan’s experience, now and in the future, to identify opportunities for improvement and mitigate emerging risks.

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Plan Design & Solution Selection

We work closely with you to determine the best, fully transparent solutions to meet the evolving needs of your plan and your members.

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Implementation, Monitoring & Support

Our expert team works to ensure optimal solution implementation, then tracks the results with our analytics-driven approach so you can monitor its success.

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Cubic Insights


Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization claims that require active, clinical intervention



Percentage of the projected growth in annual plan spending over the next 3 years driven by specialty drugs


Greater Risk

Greater risk of a disability claim for employees with treatment-resistant depression

Employer & Employee Benefits

To us, building mutually beneficial programs means everything.

With the right program in place, you can ensure that your people have access to the best benefits imaginable while still servicing the needs of your organization. Your members will be able to take advantage of the life-enriching aspects of a carefully tailored benefit plan without compromising the ability of your organization to meet its targets on a larger scale – we believe that’s what’s called a “win-win”.

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We’re very impressed by Cubic’s level of compassion and caring, customer service, attention to detail, and the range of ways they can provide insight into our plans challenges and opportunities through data analytics. To my mind, the work Cubic is doing is critical to the long-term sustainability of benefit plans everywhere.
Kim Macpherson CEO, Toronto Electrical Industry Benefit Administration Services
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Local 353 Toronto logo in purple
We want to ensure that the members of the IBEW Local 353 and their families can access the drug treatments they need, in their time of need. Continually escalating specialty drug costs make this especially challenging. Cubic helps us to ensure that plan members are getting appropriate treatment with proven efficacy, and that the plan is not funding unnecessary or experimental treatment costs. We avoid paying for higher costs drugs when there are lower cost, more effective treatments available so that we can fund those higher cost necessary drugs when needed. This aligns very well with our focus on plan sustainability, and also does right by the plan’s members.
Jeff Irons (IBEW Local 353) and Michael Mulgrew (GTECA) Benefit Committee Members
ARTA logo in white
The team at Cubic has brought an energy and vibrancy to our association that is helping us evolve. They are strong leaders in the areas of health care and benefit plan analytics, and their focus on long-term plan sustainability and program development provides an excellent model for those who work with them. Through their professionalism, advanced analytics, and creative ideas, they have helped us redefine our association, and their influence will be felt by our membership for years to come.
Daniel Mulloy CEO, Alberta Retired Teachers' Association
OTIP logo in white
Our partnership with Cubic spans more than a decade and has evolved to the point where our teams are seamlessly integrated. What stands out in my eyes in working with Cubic has been the sophistication and precision of their predictive analytics, their ability to customize needed solutions and the excellence with which their solutions are implemented and delivered. We look forward to the next decade of our partnership.
Vic Medland CEO, Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan
ASR logo in white
asrTrust was set up with a one-time financial contribution, requiring us to manage our benefits spending very intelligently. Our drug plan is our largest single expense and the one that presents the highest risk. We depend on Cubic’s analytics and evidence-based solutions to manage that risk and ensure the long-term sustainability of the health benefits we provide to over 70,000 retired auto workers and their spouses. We trust Cubic – they always have the best interests of our Trust and our members at heart and always deliver on their promises. With Cubic, we don’t have a vendor, we have a trusted partner.
Gord Graham, ICD.D CEO, Auto Sector Retiree Health Care Trust
EPCOR logo in white
Following a seamless implementation at the beginning of 2021, the FACET Program has met our business objectives and obligation to ensure we are doing everything we can to get the best value out of our benefits program. While we previously had Prior Authorization in place, we are so much more confident that the FACET Team is protecting the sustainability of our plan while taking better care of our employees and their families.
Lana Burnstad Senior Manager, Benefits, Abilities & Wellness, EPCOR

Plans We Support

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