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About Cubic

Making a Meaningful Difference

Our Vision

We exist to give plan sponsors insight-driven solutions that empower them to make informed decisions with their benefit plans, for the greater good of their business and its people.

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It’s Who We Are

From our founding in 2003, our focus has always been on health. Initially a team of pharmacists, we recognized early on that the complexity of optimizing health for employees and the lack of information available to Plan Sponsors regarding the impact of their investment in employee benefits left an enormous gap in the market.

It became clear very quickly that health benefit plans were, in many cases, anything but healthy and Plan Sponsors didn’t have the necessary insights to address the problem. However, identifying and quantifying the problems was only the first step.

Data Is the Key

Once we identified initial issues, we realized that the necessary solutions for self-insured plans were simply not available. It was this realization that inspired us to build independent, customized solutions that enable the greatest health investment returns for both Plan Sponsors and their members.

Cubic was born from a truly independent pursuit of understanding and at its core, data was and is key to addressing the issues faced by Plan Sponsors. While data-driven insights were the first step, tailored, transparent, and evidence-based solutions are required to fill the growing gaps in the market – gaps that result in inefficient and ineffective investment, an opportunity lost for Plan Sponsors leading to suboptimal health for members.

We’ve built a team of data-centric professionals to dig deep and bring to light issues that for decades have been obscured or simply accepted as being “the way it is”. Through proprietary algorithms and analytics, we identify and quantify the existing and future health and financial challenges faced by self-insured plans. This information is then synthesized and purposefully worked into benefit plan designs that best meet the needs of our clients, now and far into the future.

Over two decades in, we’re still as passionate as ever when it comes to making the connection between the health of your plan and your members. We’ve spent that time working with the largest plan sponsors in the country, developing innovative solutions based on industry-leading insights that continue to inform and influence our work each and every day.

Fiercely independent and forever focused on benefit efficacy and sustainability, we are Cubic.

How Can We Help?

We’ll discover whether or not your benefit plan is performing as it should, then work with you to do something about it.

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