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Our Approach To Benefits Plan Optimization

Benefit Plans Constructed With Purpose

What We Do

Optimizing your benefit plan can be one of the most challenging things your organization is tasked with – luckily, we’re here to help.

Benefit Plan Analysis & Optimization

We analyze every aspect of your benefit plan to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Plan Design & Solution Selection

Once we determine the opportunities and pressures facing your plan, we help you implement the right solutions.

Implementation, Monitoring & Support

Once your tailored plan is in place, we continue to work with you to ensure it’s performing optimally.

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How We Do It

Client Data Warehouses

Data analysis is the key to success. Cubic integrates your benefits data sets into a single source of truth to provide new cross-benefit insights. We leverage your own plan-specific data and customized benchmarking to identify and quantify what is working – and what is not.

With leading edge predictive analytics, we can project plan spending in each of the next 3 years based on your plan’s current design and the demographic, geographic and disease distribution of your members.

That same robust benefits data is then used to map the health profile of your workforce and plan overall.

Finally, we synthesize these insights to provide clear, informed recommendations for any plan design changes and the introduction of solutions necessary to optimize the health of your plan and your members.

Cubic Solutions

Guided by analytics, Cubic leverages the largest clinical team in the industry to provide our clients with tailored solutions to take care of their plans and their members. From our industry-leading FACET Prior Authorization Program to plan sponsor-controlled pharmacies to managing your plan’s disability experience, Cubic’s independent, clinically-driven solutions have you covered.

How Can We Help?

We’ll discover whether or not your benefit plan is performing as it should, then work with you to do something about it.

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